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    What we do
    Is truly amazing
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    In less than 0,8mm
    We pack advanced security
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    Proven to work
    In todays Smart Cards

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Cardlab Innovation introduction


Biometric VPN logon with correct finger


Biometric logon with incorrect finger


Passenger and cargo ID & tracking


Skimming protection of contactless cards


Card Communication features



CardLab featured on CNN

Despite rapid advances in online commerce and digital services, data protection hasn’t evolved much past pins and passwords – both incredibly easy for hackers to access. The challenge is making data dynamic and providing unique user identification and full privacy protection. Can your fingerprint provide the solution?

Powered smart card with a biometric one time password system

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Four cornerstone technologies offer secure and convenient solutions for your smart card


The Snap Switch

Just tap the card to activate it. Keeps the card turned off when not in use. Works without a battery.

The Biometric Reader 

Stores up to four fingerprints. Scans fingerprints and complies with all ISO-standards.

The RFID Jammer 

Controls communications with contact-less cards. Jams and scrambles RFID interrogation signals.

The Dual Magnetic Stripe

Enables tokenization solutions. Our specialized design allows for high security.


At CardLab, we provide you and your customers with one of the worlds’ most secure smart cards, usable in all existing readers and terminals. CardLab offers simple and convenient solutions for protection from any misuse of credit cards, access cards, travel cards and all other smart cards holding personal data or passwords. 

Our patented solutions allow every card owner full control over the card, even if it is lost or stolen!Tested and proven as the most reliable smart card among the worlds’ leading producers, we are proud to offer you a highly secure card at a competitive price.


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