CardLab patents

CardLab has patented eight different technologies, all designed to increase card security to the highest level possible.  We work continuosly to create new patented products to ensure everyday card technology. For a complete description of each of our patents, please click here.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, embedding and activation: 

Embedding of a stiff chip (fingerprint scanner) into a flexible card. The chip reads fingerprints directly by swipe, allowing use only by the legitimate owner. Since the chip operates as a scanner of the owners fingerprints, it makes the card virtually impossible to abuse or copy. 

The Snap Switch: 

All powered smart cards need electricity to operate. Traditional cards hold a clicking device that quickly gets worn by everyday use. The patented CardLab Snap Switch is it's own source of power for card activation, extending card life time considerably and reduces production cost by 20-30 per cent. The Snap Switch is very small and turns power on just by tapping the card. 

Wave card: 

A gift card where the LED lights are placed at the edge of the card and when the card is waved enables the card to write messages in the air. The messages can be stored in the card or be downloaded from an app on a Smartphone via NFC or BLE interface to the card. Small LED lights placed at the edge of a card creates a 3D impression of the text written on the card.

The RFID jammer: 

Advanced module that effectively controls use of the card by giving the owner full control over whether the card is turned on or off. It jams any attempts of malicious copying, making it impossible to hack with skimming and hacking devices such as mobile apps etc.

Dual dynamic magnetic stripe: (three patents) 

CardLab has patented this solution that allows emulation of all magstripe signals and will show no data unless turned on by the user. It gives the ability to change part of or all data from one transaction to the next, it allows a token to be transmitted with the transaction and is a perfect solution to avoid the nuisance of somebody skimming and cloning your card.

Method for secure activation of card data:

CardLab holds the patent for biometric activation of financial and personal data stored in a credit cards. As all the data is stored in the card and nowhere else makes this it possible to give the card user full control of own data and when it is to be exposed.

The patented technology inside our ID & Access Cards provides a customer with a reliable, secure and cost efficient deployment compliant with existing infrastructure. CardLab solutions are fully compliant with EU Directive 95/46/EC – privacy protection, ICAO Annex 9, A38-WP/94 – Passenger data and border control. The technologies and card solutions  are compliant with card manufacturing standards ISO 7810, 7816, 13443 and other ISO standards applicable to powered smart cards.