Building block 1 - The Snap Switch


The first of the CardLab four cornerstones, the tiny snap switch simply turns on cards before use: all powered smart cards need electricity to operate and traditional cards hold a clicking device that quickly gets worn by everyday use and tends to stuck during card lamination. The patented CardLab Snap Switch is it's own source of power for card activation, extending card life time considerably and reduces production cost by 20-30 per cent. The Snap Switch is very small and turns power on just by tapping the card. The Snap Switch means no fumbling to activate, frees up branding space, and eliminates the ‘bump’ associated with traditional dome switches. It is extremely reliable, easy to activate and inexpensive.  



•Integrated as module attached before lamination

•Attached in SMT reflow process or welding


•Specially developed Piezo element

•Capable of reflow process

•Self generating power source

•Generates power when tapped or bent

•Integrated via CardLab module design•


•Does not activate during lamination

•No stuck button problem during lamination

•High reliability in use

•Enables card deep sleep mode

•Provides significant higher production yield then push buttons