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    We provide the pieces
    in your secure solution
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    from 4 building blocks
    to endless combinations
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    making card transactions
    abuse and fraud free

A card from CardLab offers these advantages: 

Secure: CardLab offers smart card solutions which give the card owner 100 percent control of the card. Only the rightful card owner can allow access to data stored on the card. See how it works here

Usable everywhere:
Often, todays’ card solutions will only work with certain terminals or readers. At CardLab, we work constantly to rid the card users of such limitations. We deliver highly secure card technology designed to fit and work all over the world.     

Tested and ready: Our solutions are thoroughly tested and proven as very secure. When 28 of the worlds’ leading contactless smart cards were examined thoroughly by experts in card safety, the technicians succeeded to intrude or copy all 28 card solutions – except for one:  the CardLab RFID Jammer Card. 

Competitive pricing: We deliver your solution of choice at a very competitive price. Ask CardLab for information on your intended product.

We costumize card technology for almost every occasion: 

Card-theft prevention
Prevention of credit card fraud
ID-theft prevention 
Secure access cards to highly vulnerable locations 
Prevention of industrial espionage

Customization of ultra low power card products
Full production scale: from idea to end product
Copy free travel cards
Gift cards
Connected card solutions

Cards complying with world credit card standards including biometric scanner
Card lamination with customer designed graphics 
Secure health care cards
Full card development and production process

CardLab smart cards can be individually designed for convenience and security. Choose from our selection of patented technologies and combine them the way you like. With CardLab technologies you will get a very safe card; customized to meet exactly your needs.