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Cardlab - RFID Jammer Card

CardLab IATA version, showing the RFID Jammer Card..

2016-11-25 03:24:23

Building block 2 - The RFID Jammer


The second of the four technology cornerstones from CardLab is the RFID Jammer; an advanced jammer switch which controls any communication with a contactless card. One of the most effective ways to prevent skimming of the card; an increasing large threat to card safety.   

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses communication via radio waves to exchange data between a reader and the card. The RFID technology is often used in ID cards, travel passes and in the healthcare system. However these cards are highly vulnerable to skimming and copying since data can be intercepted any time whenever close to a scanner. Cardlab’s “RFID Jammer” is intended as an addition to existing RFID cards - designed for easy integration - and consists of the Snap Switch combined with a chip that enables RFID communication briefly when needed by the card holder. This drastically reduces the “window” for access by any unwanted reader applications.


•Integrated as module before lamination

•Cards delivered in programming mode

•Personalization activates Jammer mode.


•Harvest power from same field as RFID chip

•Powers up before RFID chip

•Scrambles RFID interrogation signal

•Can be silenced by Snap Switch

•Integrated via CardLab module design


•Controls communication with contactless card

•Can integrate key solution

•Works with al types of RFID chip

•Security at encrypted chip level or better

•Low cost solution

•Can be combined with Fingerprint authentication