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    Strong patents
    Biometric technology
    Compliant with world credit card standards.
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    Proven to completely block all
    Unwanted intrusion at the same time
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    Protection from theft, Fraud and other criminal transgression.
    Can be used with all existing readers
    And terminals.

CardLab technologies and products 

CardLab produces sophisticated and easy-to-use card technology with electronic chips, signal jammers, built-in-token solutions, battery switches and other patented high tech features, all to work reliably and durably in standard size plastic credit cards, used in the trillions every day across the globe. All of our technologies add new dimensions to card security.

All our card solutions, whether designed for financial purposes, travel, access, health care or consumer advantages, are designed to work with all existing platforms, readers and card terminals. CardLab offers the best security possible without any limitations for worldwide use or the need of heavy investments. 

One of our most well-known patents features a unique method to embed advanced fingerprint scanners in an ultra-thin credit card, making abuse of the card virtually impossible. Our technology has already proven to work and is estimated to be integrated in 50 million credit cards and access cards by 2018.

We create secure technology of the future that will work today and we ensure your security requirements are implemented into a finished card product ready for use. With a CardLab solution, you avoid the hassle and dependency of investing in new terminals or other readers, often vulnerable to unwanted intrusion.