Building block 3 - The Dual Dynamic Magstripe


The third of Cardlab's four cornerstone technologies is the Dual Dynamic Magnetic Stripe, which emulates the most commonly used technology to transmit information from a plastic card, for example a credit card. The generic magnetic stripe, used all over the world, is very easy to copy and has created vast losses for credit card issuers. The CardLab Dual Dynamic Magnetic Stripe is a full length dynamic magnetic stripe with either a single or dual track which shows no data unless turned on by the user. It provides the ability to change part of or all data from one transaction to the next, and allows a token to be transmitted with the transaction. It is a perfect solution to avoid the nuisance of somebody skimming and cloning your card, thus being able to abuse it. 


•Kit integrated before and during lamination

•Full integration description available

•Can be delivered as OEM module


•CardLab internal development

•Special designed material

•Consist of complete set of components

•Very low power solution

•Integrated via CardLab module design


•Design eliminates cross talk issue

•Design direct signal to reader heads

•Emulates normal magstripe signal

•Can be integrated in card solutions via API

•Card and CDM power schedule aligned

•Enables tokenization solutions

•Can be combined with Fingerprint authentication